1. Generic rental return can reach more than 10%
  2. Maximum mortgage loan is 50%, which gives you a flexible payment plan.
  3. The UAE is ranked 26th among the best business countries in the world.
  4. Unrestricted acquisition system and unrestricted circulation of assets.
  5. Stable and reliable political environment; the UAE is ranked 2nd among the most reliable countries in the world, and the crime rate is almost zero.
  6. Dirham is directly linked to the U.S. dollar, and the foreign exchange rate is stable, and it is one of the currencies with the largest foreign exchange rate in the world.
  7. no real estate tax, only a real estate registration fee of 4%, much smaller than the world’s 110 real estate markets.
  8. Investment of 1 million dirhams above the free possession of real estate, you can apply for a long-term resident visa
  9. Chinese investors among the Dubai real estate investor rankings in the 7th place
  10. Dubai’s RERA function is the world’s best real estate industry function, fully protect the rights and interests of investors.
  11. Dubai has an international teaching atmosphere 80.6% of international students
  12. Chinese citizens completely free visa-on-arrival, go out simple and convenient.